Optical Receiver Finder

Quickly find the most appropriate high speed detectors or receivers for your application by selecting any of the key parameters from below. Here are some helpful tips using this tool:

  • Device Type: A photoreceiver is a detector with an amplifier, which results in a higher sensitivity in the signal detection. Balanced receivers are ideal for noise-sensitive measurements.
  • Optical Input: Typically a multimode fiber device can accept a single mode fiber without a large coupling loss. However, certain devices are designed for single mode fiber only to achieve optimal performances. Certain free space models have fiber adapters separately available for purchase.
  • Detector Materials: It is the key parameter that dictates the usable wavelength range. Silicon is for wavelengths shorter than 1100 nm. InGaAs is ideal for wavelengths longer than 800 nm. GaAs is ideal for 500 – 900 nm range.

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