Aspheric Lenses

Aspheric lenses have much lower f-numbers, allowing them to perform better than spherical lenses in light collection, projection, illumination, detection and condensing applications. Since the focal lengths are often very short, compact designs are frequently possible. Precision polished aspheric lenses are computer-optimized to achieve diffraction limited performance over high NAs and are available uncoated or with broadband visible or broadband NIR antireflection coatings. For more economic or OEM applications, our aspheric condenser lenses are fabricated from Schott B 270® glass and are available uncoated or with a single-layer MgF2 antireflection coating. If small diameter lenses are required, our molded glass aspheric lenses with visible or NIR antireflection coatings are available mounted in a stainless steel threaded holder or unmounted. Aspheric objective lenses are also available that offer the same magnification and on-axis performance as microscope objectives in a more compact package.

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