Surround the Workpiece

Surround the Workpiece®

Surround the Workpiece® is an MKS Instruments offering that includes product design and development, system level integration, research and development, system, subsystem and component selection, and maintenance, repair and calibration services in the field of laser-based guidance and control for manufacturing processes.

Application Labs & Support

Our application labs, staffed with a team of leading experts in laser applications, provide expertise and support in our served applications. We perform sample tests, demonstrate equipment and provide applications support to customers. Our team, both independently and collaboratively with universities and institutes, performs important research and development for advancing the state-of-the-art in laser applications. Our applications team also provides critical guidance to our internal product development groups.

Our applications labs are equipped with a full range of state-of-the-art Spectra-Physics lasers from ultrafast to CW and IR to UV wavelength lasers. Our labs are also outfitted with Newport’s precision, high-speed motion control, vibration isolation, and a range of optical component products which allows us to demonstrate in the lab the complete solutions we can provide for our customers in the field. Our Applications Labs are well equipped with analytical equipment such as optical microscope with CCD imaging, non-contact 3D measurement optical profiler, scanning stylus profilometer (with 3D capability), and other equipment.

Integrated Solutions Business (ISB) & Engineering Development

MKS works closely with our customers to develop specific products and solutions to solve their complex problems. We will develop custom solutions based on the customer’s specifications. We will also collaborate with our customers by providing engineering services and development.


We offer calibration on our Spectra-Physics lasers and Newport and Ophir power meters, as well as many other instruments such as spectrometers and wave meters. We offer these calibration services at our Service Centers around the world.


The MKS Service Centers are staffed by engineers who are experts in diagnosing and repairing our customers’ instruments and accessories. We offer comprehensive repair and service programs that maximize the value of our customers’ installed base of critical subcomponents to ensure: extended life of their equipment, reduced downtime, drive more predictability, increase uptime and tool availability, and improve productivity.

Committed to our customers’ success, MKS provides highly-skilled engineers and technicians who understand our customers’ process and requirements. We use MKS original parts for all repairs. Our skilled technicians use current, proven methods and techniques, and all repairs are qualified on an MKS-designed test stand.

Sensor Finder

The sensor finder tool for our Ophir products enables customers to find the proper sensor(s) to meet their measurement needs. With our sensor finder program, customers enter their laser parameters and then the proper measuring sensors for their application will be displayed on the screen. The program calculates the power and energy density capabilities of each absorber, based on the laser wavelength, pulse length, repetition rate and other relevant parameters. It also compares all the other requirements such as maximum and minimum power, energy, beam size, etc. In addition to finding the right sensor for our customers’ application, the Sensor Finder tool offers report printing and also a report on how close the recommended sensors are to the specified damage threshold.