Quality Commitments

Quality Certifications

Newport Corporation is certified to operate a quality management system which complies with the standards listed below for the activities defined in the scopes of registration. Select from the below listings to view current certifications.

ISO 9001

Site Location Registrar Standard Certificate
Irvine, CA BSI ISO 9001:2015  Download
Santa Clara, CA
(Spectra-Physics and New Focus)
BSI ISO 9001:2015  Download
Franklin, MA BSI ISO 9001:2015  Download
(Evry, Beaune La Rolande, La Boulonnie)
BSI ISO 9001:2015  Download
Wuxi, China BSI ISO 9001:2015  Download
Nogales, Mexico TUV ISO 9001:2015  Download
Rankweil, Austria
(High Q Laser)
TUV ISO 9001:2015  Download
Stahnsdorf, Germany BSI ISO 9001:2015  Download
Bucharest, Romania
Ophir Optics S.R.L.
SRAC ISO 9001:2015  Download

ISO 14001 & ISO 13485

Site Location Registrar Standard Certificate
Wuxi, China BSI ISO 14001-2015  Download
Wuxi, China BSI ISO 13485-2016  Download
Rankweil, Austria
(High Q Laser)
TUV ISO 13485-2016  Download

Quality Mission

To be the leading supplier of high-quality precision optics, instruments, vibration control, micro positioning and measurement products and systems to the Scientific Research, Aerospace, Semiconductor Equipment, and Life and Health Science Industries worldwide.

Quality Strategy

To enhance Customer productivity in engineering and manufacturing applications, by providing innovative solutions involving ultra-precise motion, measurement, and automation technologies.

Quality Values

  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Empowerment
  • Profitable Growth