Replicated Mirrors

From precision high accuracy retro-reflectors to reflective microscope objectives, Newport Replicated Mirrors provide a full spectrum of solutions for managing light using reflective optics.

Our replication technology enables us to produce high-volume replicated mirrors with many desirable features not available from glass optics. Replication delivers unmatched repeatability for volume manufacturing of mirrors as each mirror is an exact copy of the master from which it is made. The monolithic nature of replicated mirrors eliminates temperature stability concerns that can result when using glass optics in metal holders. We design and incorporate mounting features in our replicated mirrors and possibilities for unique shapes and geometries are nearly unlimited allowing instrument designers to place mirrors in locations within instruments where use of traditional mounting would not be feasible.

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Custom replicated ellipsoidal mirrors can be fabricated in an infinite number of mounting configurations which can both simplify the alignment process, and position the mirror in the most economical location in an instrument.

Off-Axis Parabolic

Off-axis parabolic (OAP) mirrors featuring monolithic replicated optic construction provide consistent optical path performance for 'plug and play' installation and are available with coatings for both UV-IR and deep UV to 160 nm. Most of the OAPs that we manufacture are custom products for OEM instrumentation. We offer a selection of catalog products available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery.

Reflective Microscope Objectives

Newport Reflective Microscope Objectives are reverse Cassegrains following the Schwarzchild design. They have zero chromatic aberration, and negligible coma, spherical aberration, and astigmatic aberration. We offer catalog items with both 15x and 36x magnification in both 160mm and infinite back focal lengths, and we manufacture custom versions of these products in high volume for OEM instrumentation.


Our hollow metal retro-reflectors deliver the high return-beam accuracy performance required for the highest precision instrumentation with the added benefit of monolithic construction and break-resistance. We manufacture most of our retro-reflectors for custom applications such as FTIR instrumentation, laser tracker metrology, and environmental monitoring. We also offer a selection of catalog products available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery.