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Motorized XYZθxθy Tilt Aligner, Ultra High Vacuum, 1/4-20
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Motorized XYZθxθy Tilt Aligner, Ultra High Vacuum, M6
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In Stock


  • Axes of Travel
    X, Y, Z, θx, θy
  • Mechanism
  • Drive Type
    Picomotor Piezo Actuators
  • Travel Range
    3 mm
  • Angular Range
    θx=8°, θy=10°
  • Load Capacity
    13 N
  • Minimum Incremental Motion
    <30 nm
  • Angular Resolution
    θx, θy≤0.7 µrad
  • Vacuum Compatibility
    10-9 Torr
  • Wire Type
    Kapton® Ribbon Ultrahigh Vacuum Rated
  • Connector Type
    DB15 Female
  • Operating Temperature
    10 to 40°C


Vacuum Five-Axis Tilt Aligner

The 8081-UHV five-axis device aligners offer XYZΘxΘy Picomotor adjustment making them ideal for positioning optical modulators or isolators and for coupling light into waveguide devices. They are offered with 1/4-20 or M6 threaded mounting holes.

Multi-axis Optic Positioning in a Compact Unit

Kinematic Device Alignment Stages combine the capabilities of multiple, stacked translation stages into a single stage with multiple actuators. These stages are designed to align a device or optic, such an acousto-optic modulator, to a beam path, avoiding the added wobble of combining components for multi-axis positioning. These stages have all degrees of freedom needed to align one optical axis to another. The five-axis stages provide additional control of the focus and the six-axis stage provides roll. Each degree of freedom has one actuator for motion, such that two actuators provide translation when moved equal amounts, while one actuator's motion provides the tilt about the bisecting axis. Rotations of the mounting plate around its center, then, arise from turning two actuator screws in opposite directions.